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Obesity. As obese, I prefer to do heart disease and cancers of the uterus, ovaries, breast and colon. Numerous studies have found that lesbians have a BMI greater than heterosexual women. Studies show that lesbians than stored fat in the belly and have a larger tour, making them more at risk of heart disease and other problems of obesity as a premature death. In addition, they recommend that lesbians are less affected by weight issues than heterosexual women. For now, we need more research in these areas: physical activity for lesbians; any differences in diet between lesbians and heterosexuals; If a higher body mass index is a reflection of lean tissue yeastrol consumer reviews and excess fat; and if there is a different culture between lesbians on weight loss. In addition, other important factors for researchers, race/ethnic origin, age, health, education, living with a woman of the relationship are partners to control and with disabilities. Studies have shown that between black or Latina skin white, age, level of education, poor health, low women, lesbians and bisexuals, low frequency of exercise and community with a couple of female ratio which increased the risk of Verwechslung lesbian women with a higher BMI,. .