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12 1st, this place is a joke! Without that too much personal information, I was here in 2008 through severe pain and told me that she had a bladder infection.  Then he was taken a few days later in the ER with a kidney stone, which had to undergo surgery to remove.  Yes, indeed, he had a bladder infection, but lost the underlying problem.  What write me this comment eventually does that it 5 yeastrol canada years here has me recently to watch (should have better because of my past experience). He had high fever (103.7 104-2) for 4 days.  According to a statement that the Palestinian Authority had as much fever, has the need to correct me and say that it only 3 days, because they count on Saturday and Sunday from 1 day or something like that. . He had no idea what you mean, did you know that my son had a fever of the fact 4 days!  After you a urine sample and listens to his chest, me, that was said it was suffering from a viral infection and it would just disappear. Not satisfied, that we call urgently on the next day, when the fever continued to grow.  After listening to your chest and take an X-ray of the chest, found that he had severe pneumonia in his left lung.  They immediately started antibiotics via IV, who said it was a very high dose, but this should be as quickly as possible. I had documents delivered overnight in the hospital, but because we in went the emergency room is not a unit of Pediatrics, who argued that it would be easier for our son to rest at home, as had I the first dose of antibiotics Paediatrics transferred by ambulance to the nearest hospital, but in the system.  The problem is that the doctor and our pediatrician (suite with him), later were very surprised she said that the pneumonia were removed was because her lung sounds terrible and it wasn't a mistake, what was the real problem!Urgent care clinic Covina healthcare put a band-aid on the open wound. Try not the cause of their symptoms, but try the first, what, you seem to assume. Save your time and your health. . Go to other urgent care or go directly to the emergency,.