Yeastrol Administrare

on September 18, 2013, 18: don't forget the 29!Candida is a fungus that is found in our body and it looks like low immunity. If normal, antibiotics, and to control an infection of Candida in your body and with antibiotics, it is clear that you have low immunity. If the disease should be PhD:-underwear, after washing disinfected with chloramine, litre 10 PCs/2 pads with water (leave the clothes a couple of hours); -Do not wash the vagina ever, unless your doctor recommends the treatment in case of an infection, the rest are actually a curse that Muhammed protects the vagina and, as soon as they are filled, the mucosa is sensitive; If it must be a partner of SexuelVous and, although sometimes occurs in men, listen to the treatment still take care of the position; -You can, that is your partner with another buddy, walking oversaw and renewed; -While defecating or urinating in public restrooms, you try to put the paper until it does splash up. -The last, by suggestion:) is construction work (increased optimism and consumption of fruits and vegetables, immunity) me. PRO-LIFE nutrition health Dec 9 15: & 2012, called oil of wild oregano is oregano and 10Uleiul more powerful antibiotic oregano CandidaUleiul-NaturalSubstanta, carvacrol as one of the most potent antibacterial, antiviral and anti-Fungal will receive the course materials. Parasites carvacrol kill one. In Mexico, the researchers compared the oregano Tinidazole Carvacrolul, a drug prescribed for the treatment of giardia (giardia Intestinalis). The results showed that the oregano is more effective than bot Giardiei Tinidazole. British researchers have compared the effect of oil of oregano with the plot of the 18 most popular antibiotics. It has been shown that the content of high carvacrol oregano, more effective as antibiotics destroy bacteria and acting is resistant to antibiotics. Is Carvacrolul throughout the body and be used for internal and external purposes. Carvacrol inhibits the growth of bacteria to spread gold especially in lung Stafilocolului and face (acne) parallel with a Antibactetian effect, expectorant and mucolytic. Internal use: is Administreraza against viruses, parasites and Baceriilor of any kind including Candida, Giardia Duodenalis, salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus. It is also useful for prostatitis and urinary tract infections. You can also manage nonexpensive palo to avoid infections, especially with Golden Stafilocolul (which can be fatal). Specified in the persistent cough, pulmonary infections, bad throat. Use of internal management (adults): 3-5 times per day 5 drops. Placed under the tongue to dissolve small water, or mix in a spoon with a little honey or juice. You are short in her mouth and swallows. Immediately after administration that breathe deeply several times yeastrol administrare the steam inhalation oregano. Infections of the lung or breast and Sublinguala more, to make managing and inhalations: water in a pot and put a few drops in water Fuerbinte. Approaching the front of the bucket with water and oregano, put a towel over your head and warm steam Inspita Adnac Ana Ti EM. You can also a vaporizer on the market. Herpes is administered 3-5 drops under the tongue and 2-3 drops every hour for 3 hours every day. In addition, drops applied topically to zone 2-3 2-3 2-3 times a day. External use: oil oregano can be used externally, using 2-3 times over the affected area from the day: leather: for stings, infections, boils, acne, psoriasis, warts, rashes, fungal infections: few drops of oregano and rub the affected area skin absorbs Ana p. Add a few drops of oil, gel or liquid soap for the shower. You can add liquid soap for hands. In the case of a wound in the skin, warts, blisters or acne are ana saturation p oil and rub with skin care. In the case of injury or Furunculelor, is covered with a patch. Teeth and gums: disinfects and Deparazita as a whole, to treat or prevent oral zone means: drops of oregano oil on the brush instead of toothpaste toothbrush and rubbing your teeth. When rubber tires rub a few drops infection. Hair: when infected by a fungus of the scalp with dandruff, scalp irritation, you add a couple of drops in shampoo, before you wash your hair. Be prepared for a few minutes and then rinse the shampoo on the hair. Herpes: Herpes cate1-3 drops to the affected area 2-3 times a day. Aromatherapy: a smell, pleasant and insightful sociological as properties of ASI, myriads of Recomada some drops of oregano oil in a spray bottle and clean air of viruses, bacteria, etc., legs: these Fungusilor (mushrooms) of the foot produces lesions (athlete's foot), especially between the toes, as well as the deterioration of its parallel (ruin) with a very unpleasant smell. Evenly apply a few drops of oil of oregano between your fingers and nails. Accused of hygiene: a few drops of oregano oil in hot water for the bath can eliminate the problems associated with a broad spectrum of fungi (including Candida). Visit www. Treatments. CA,,. .